Sally Van Swearingen
2 min readJan 27, 2022
Don’t mask that beauty

Don’t mask your beauty under your mask!

Ladies, it’s so easy to treat our Covid masks as anti- connecting tools like we have done for years with with sunglasses and baseball hats, hiding our faces without makeup, blending in and avoiding eye contact!

Do the opposite now. Take a few minutes to shape those brows into gorgeous ‘face frames’ and bring the focus on those beautiful eyes by applying light shades on the lids, and smoky colors around the rims! Even better, COLOR on the eyes is in big time now…I often use mulberry pinks or corals on my eyes these days, adding a couple of coats of mascara (yes, these desperate times call for desperate measures…. more mascara!).

Blush it up! Blushy cheeks show the world you are healthy, strong, and taking it on.

In my Salon, The A LIST Hair and Makeup Studio, we are all masked up, following protocol. Today, as a new client came in for a consult, fully masked, there is a moment during the assessment that I need to see her full face. In that moment, I ask if she can show me, pulling her mask off for just a moment, as I stand back, (socially distancing of course), and study her total beauty.

I am feeling emotional when I see these pretty ladies smiling at me. I am reminded how it is essential that we take an extra couple of minutes enhancing these features that we DO currently show the world…Eyes, brows, cheeks, skin. Do it up ladies! Strut YOUR Beauty Power.